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From the Desk of Athletic Director Judy Rose

Dear 49ers Fan -

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to finally be able to say, definitively, that we will play football in 2013. And I cannot thank you enough for helping us to get to this point. Congratulations -- this is your victory.

We have said all along that this endeavor is not just about the 49ers athletic department. It's about the university. The city. The community. John Q. Public and corporate Charlotte. 49ers students. 49ers alums. 49ers fans. Football fans. Sports fans. And those that want to see this school, this city and this region thrive.

We are not talking simply about adding a football team. We are talking, and have been from the start, about an endeavor that will transform the university. It will start with those closest to the program: the students, the alums, the fans. And it will grow. Make no mistake about it, it will grow. And you have the opportunity to say you were there when it all got started.

Well, folks, it all starts, for real, today.

We have cleared multiple hurdles to get where we are, thanks to the support of so many - our student body, community leaders, energized alums, those that keyed the grassroots effort, those that put their names down on our reservation list and those that followed that commitment with a purchase. We would not be where we are had we not had that support.

Now we have to move forward. Where we are right now is not enough. To build the program we all aspire to we need to continue to grow that support - in terms of fans in the seats, dollars in the bank, and voices being heard. We need all those fans that have been waiting for this to become a reality to step up, take part and join the rush. We need our fans to come out and make a statement. Buy your FSLs. Show your support.

Today is a great day, to be sure. It is not, however, the destination. We cannot stop now. We cannot believe we are finished. We must believe we are just starting. If we want football to have the dramatic impact we all think it can, we must keep pushing. Simply said: We need more fans. We need more dollars. We need more voices.

Even simpler: We need you.

We could not have reached this point without you -- and we cannot reach higher without you.

Help us get to where we all know we can go. On game day, we will all feel the difference.

Again, congratulations -- this is a day we can all celebrate!!

Thanks for your continued support.

Judy Rose

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