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Steve and Kelleigh Bland
We bought our FSLs as soon as they became available and could not be more excited. Maybe it is a Southern thing, but college football Saturdays are so much bigger than watching a game on TV. Seeing old friends outside the stadium before the game, ham biscuits and potato salad, the sounds of the marching band and leaves beginning to show their fall colors. You only get a handful of perfect days like this each year and I do not want to miss a one.

Don and Sharon Bickel
We purchased our FSLs because we wanted to be a part of the birth of football at Charlotte. As an alum, football was really the only missing piece from making the Charlotte college experience complete. We also could not imagine not being there in our very own seats when we kick off for the very first time. All football powerhouses had their first kickoff. We can't wait for ours!

Todd Greene
I get to be a part of our football program from the beginning, something new, the first game, the first everything. In the end, all these firsts and that history will be passed down to my kids along with my FSLs. In my household, we are growing little Niner fans that will be as excited about this program as any other.

Ellison Clary
It's a joke that's wearing thin, but I am among the oldest living alumni of The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I was a student when Charlotte College became UNC Charlotte. My entire life, I have watched and sometimes participated in initiatives that have added to our stature as a major institution of higher learning, not only in Charlotte and North Carolina but in the United States and the world.

Academic strides are important. We've made many, and I'm proud of each one.

But athletic advances also build our brand and polish our image, both within our institutional family and in the public at-large. I haven't had a chance to influence much of our academic excellence, but I have enjoyed numerous opportunities to help boost athletic successes. Those are memorable and each is immensely important to me.

Dramatic is maybe the best description of our push to field a 49ers football team at the top level of collegiate competition. Bold and exciting are other adjectives that leap to mind. Unquestionably, this initiative to play football with the most recognized schools in America is the biggest move we have ever made athletically. To think it will happen by 2013, still in the prime for many of us older alums, is amazing, especially to someone who can remember what we started with back in the sixties.

I can't wait to cheer that first team as our players scamper onto our field inside our stadium on our campus. What better way to celebrate our hard-won, cumulative achievements?

That's why I own 49er Football Seat Licenses.

Mike Burnette
Despite living 10 hours from campus, there was no hesitancy in purchasing our FSL's. Having college football at Charlotte will be a tremendous change for life on campus and alumni.

Krista Long
For our family, buying FSLs was a "no brainer" - we have waited a long time for 49er football and now we can't wait for it to start! Not only is it exciting for our family to be part of a new tradition at Charlotte, but football will also provide another great opportunity to further unify the community.

Jermaine Burns
When I first heard that Charlotte Athletics was going to pursue football again, I got excited because I missed out on this type of college experience during my time at Charlotte. I felt it was my duty to help be a part of the petition and to follow through on purchasing the FSL's even during tough economic times. Also, I felt it would help build Charlotte Athletics and the entire University to even higher heights, as well as, engage the community of Charlotte and establish more jobs. Charlotte helped me gain an education and position me for the future so, it's one of the ways I could give back. Bottom line, I wanted to be a part of HISTORY!

Tracey Hill
I am very excited to get in on the ground floor of bringing football to Charlotte. Bringing football will continue to improve the academic and athletic reputation of our school, and give alumni a common cause to get behind. The idea of tailgating with friends and family before games is appealing, but the thought of being involved in growing the stature of our school is even more important to me.

I was a student in the mid 80's, and really enjoyed my time at Charlotte. It is true that the campus would seem dead on the weekends. Having football will make the college experience complete for today's students and alumni.

Bill Whitaker
The decision to purchase FSL's was a no-brainer. As an assistant editor of the student newspaper I had agitated for a football team back in the late 70s. I can imagine what 30 or so years of tailgating and a few bowl games would have meant to students and alumni in terms of unity, fellowship and school pride. That opportunity passed us by, I could not let another 30 odd years pass before we tried it again. My wife agreed and we purchased the first morning FSL's became available. A football team will increase UNC-Charlotte's visibility and standing in the community. People will take notice and take a closer look. Once they do, they will find the region's hidden gem, a great university with excellent professors, talented students and unlimited academic potential. Go Niners!

Joe Hanel
The addition of football to Charlotte 49er Athletics will be transformational for the University. I am a college football fan with a passion for the University and can't imagine not being present for every first on Saturday's in the fall.

Patrick Elder
College Football in Charlotte, how could you not be a part of that? There has never been a more exciting time to be a 49er. We may not know what the uniforms will look like, or who will coach the team but by purchasing my FSL at least I know I'll have a ticket to the Very First game.

Rick Zuber, Professor of Economics
Purchasing two FSL's for Charlotte 49ers football was really a 'no-brainer.' It's very exciting to get in on the ground floor of what will eventually be a Division I football team for such a very affordable FSL cost. Having a football team will certainly increase the excitement level on campus -- as we all know it is very hard for the campus community to rally around an economics class.

Stephen and Meredith Collie
As alumni of UNC Charlotte, we are excited to see football become a reality and proud to support the program's start-up efforts by purchasing FSL's. As soon as the FSL program was announced, we knew we wanted to help out anyway we could. We purchased FSL's for ourselves and promoted the program to our friends and co-workers.

Justin Ritchie
I decided to support Charlotte 49er football through my FSL purchase because it gives the Charlotte community an opportunity to unite under a common banner and is a way of contributing to an athletic program that filled my time at UNC Charlotte with unbelievable memories! Go Niners!

Nick Rhodes
As a UNC Charlotte alum I have eagerly awaited the day for football to become a reality at the school. Now that the pieces are in place I have thrown my commitment to the team and the university by purchasing multiple FSLs so I may be a part of something historic and exciting. There will be nothing better than being at a football game cheering on our 49ers!

Jay Miller
Lee Ann and I are very excited to be part of 49ers football now and in the future. We truly believe this is a positive step not only for our athletic program but in addition will serve OUR university well from an academic and financial standpoint. We see it enriching and enhancing the student life, something we have believed to be lacking in the past. Our students will want to stay on campus for the weekend and invite their friends/family! We will now have events on campus year round that will draw people to us. If promoted the right way, faculty and staff, graduates, future students, families, alumni of other universities, curious Charlotteans, etc will not want to miss out on what WE have going on!

Sheila Dillon
I graduated in 1975 and stayed connected over these many years with many years on the Alumni Board of Governors and the Athletic Foundation Board. A consistent theme every year has been: How do we get our alums back to campus? Often the subject of a fall football venue surfaced. In addition to our other sports, football would offer a unique experience to spend an entire day with family, friends and fellow alumni. Most of us 60-plus year olds felt it would never happen -- but at long last our time has finally come.

We jumped on the opportunity to sign up for our FSLs -- not only anticipating the fun and experience with fellow alumni and Charlotte Athletic fans -- but also to start another tradition for our kids and grandkids that we can leave to them to enjoy for years to come, just as we have done with basketball. We are excited that our third generation will get to see our football tradition begin while we are still here to enjoy it with them. We also have something we can leave to them for years to come. Just like Halton Arena, if you build it, they will come. Can't wait for that huge first game on campus.

Dennis Champion
Having football on the University campus will be a game-changer for the school and also for Charlotte. It is so exciting to be a part of something at the very beginning of the process! Being a graduate of the school, I can't wait till that first kickoff and I consider it a privilege to play a very small part in helping to make that happen.

Todd Graden
We bought FSLs for the entire family. My sons are 5 and 8 and it will be a great family experience. We have season tickets for Niner basketball and attend many of the other athletic events but football on Saturday in the fall can't be topped. My wife and I are both alums and look forward tobeing re-united with old friends. It will unite the students, alums, and community. We can't wait for it to get it started.

Jae S. Han
SinceI was a freshman in1998, I always have dreamed about having afootball team. So, I havethought that if therewould bea chance that I could support 49ers with making this happen, regardlessofwhen itwould happen, I would definitely go for it.And it came. I did not hesitate. Also, I do not mind waitinga few more years until Iwill finally be able tosit in "my"seat with otheralumni to watch49ers' first winninggame!

Ike Grainger
I purchased FSLs as a sports fan, but more importantly as a supporter of 49ers' athletics. What a great overall sports program the University has maintained over the years, not only on the field, but also in the classroom. Football is the next step to the total campus experience for students, alumni, and the Charlotte community.

Neil Stikeleather
Lauren and I are really excited about participating in UNC Charlotte football by purchasing our FSL's now. Not only is it going to be a great activity for our family on Saturdays, but the development of football is going to be incredibly important to the school as a whole and to theentire city of Charlotte. We can't wait for the first kickoff! We're big Panther fans so we can't wait to add local college football to our weekends.

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